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Misc Experimental Mixes

January 22nd, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

Dave’s tapes are generally unmarked but this tape is labeled ‘experimental mixes reel to reel.’

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H short take
That’s Allright
The Visigoths Took My Hat (Jonathan Townes)

From an unmarked high speed tape, different mixes
01 drum track
02 All to Myself
03 Going Down
04 That’s Allright
05 instrumental

This is a tune I’m guessing Dave wrote. This track is him putting the idea down for the band to learn. Later in the tape is the same song with a band. That’s good too but I like the demo style solo Dave, besides, the guitar is way too low in the mix with the full band.

Side A, Part 1 – Invisible Heavy Metal Reggae Multitrack Theme

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