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Mike Connors in RI

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This is an unmarked tape of a recording session at Mike Connors’ in Rhode Island (based on comments between takes). There is a woman musician -to be named later- and it starts off with bass guitar and drums on the first tracks, then keys and sax parts, then vocals on the last track which I think is called ‘spaghetti veins.’ Tucked into the tape case is a note in Dave’s handwriting titled ‘spag. veins (Mike’s tune)’ with number and verse notations.


01 untitled 1
02 untitled 2
03 untitled 3
04 untitled 4

Jason Brubaker adds: Spaghetti Veins was recorded in Dave’s basement…I’m almost certain it was the Winter of ’88 going in to ’89. Dave wrote everything for this song – all instruments except for the drums. There are vocals on #3 – that is Dave singing with Diane on backup. At the end of the song for the out part he said to me “just do something jungle like” and that’s what I came up with. We had an 8 track recorder with 2 microphones on either side of the room – a classic Dave set up. I remember him and Joe were competing for who could have the worse sounding “trade off” – if you listen to the song you will hear the two of them take turns playing 4 bar riffs on their instruments going back and fourth. I remember they were trying to see who could sound worse and they were laughing hysterically at it. There were other tunes we did for this session, including some covers. I don’t have any copies anywhere of this stuff.

05 Spaghetti Veins 1
06 Spaghetti Veins 2
07 Spaghetti Veins 3

Dave Cawthon – guitar
Diane F. – bass
Joe M. – sax
Jason Brubaker – drums

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