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Me Jam In Maine

January 22nd, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

All this stuff lately is from a box of early tapes, this one says only “Me Jam In Maine” and it’s acoustic guitars with an unknown friend. I think the first eight tracks were recorded in Maine, maybe around the 4th of July (hear track 3), then there is a goofy bit of improvisation by Tim Nyberg (might be a different occasion). Track 10 sounds like something Dave did later on his own, a tune he was working on, my favorite on this tape.

play all

01 track 1
02 track 2
03 track 3
04 track 4
05 track 5
06 track 6
07 track 7
08 track 8
09 track 9 (Tim Nyberg solo take 2)
10 track 10

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