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H – Organ Trio Medley

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This group of tunes came out of the fact that Dave bought a pedal called the Rotovibe, which simulated the sound of a Leslie speaker used with B3 organs. We whipped them up pretty fast one day. We used to play some of them at gigs (especially Tiger Sauce). Tiger Sauce was the name of a hot sauce I was using at the time. I think Glenn titled “Side Walk Swing”, “Goodbye (Pork Fried Hat)” and “Lime Ricky” while Dave named “Coup D’ Etat” and “Fatty”. (1995-6)

play all

01 Side Walk Swing
02 Coup D’ Etat
03 Tiger Sauce
04 Goodbye (Pork Fried Hat)
05 Lime Ricky
06 Fatty

Dave Cawthon – guitar
Jef Charland – bass
Glenn Ziemba – drums

These charts are in Dave’s handwriting. The sequence is slightly different from the recording.
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