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Morning Star

January 22nd, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

Recorded in the basement of Mike’s family’s home in RI. I think Dave is particularly amazing on this recording, which was done with his boombox. He played things which sounded like a well thought out composition, and made it up on the fly. The 1st track is an improvised piece, the only instruction was Dave asking “in G?”. The 2nd is also an improvised piece, but it doesn’t sound improvised. The 3rd track is Dave’s composition called Q. It is a beautiful slow number, and again Dave is super spectacular. The 4th and 5th piece are improvs. We rotated on the instruments, and even these came out sounding composed, especially the one with Mike on guitar.

play all

01 Improv in G
02 Improv
03 Q (Cawthon)
04 Improv
05 Improv (Mike’s Song)

Dave Cawthon – guitar, drums-4, bass-5
Jef Charland – bass, guitar-4, drums-5
Mike Connors – drums, bass-4, guitar-5

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