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Passages – Shultz Park, Simsbury CT 1985

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Eric R., came back from college and wanted to play over the summer for parties, and asked if I wanted to put the Generics back together (Eric, myself, Chris Iriarte) for gigs. Chris was off to Europe that summer, so we nixed that. Eric then called up Brian W. and Julie H. to see if
they’d want to jam, and I invited Dave to see if he wanted to participate.  We ended up doing two shows over that summer at Schultz park – we would rehearse over at Eric’s basement.

play all

Driven to Tears
All Along the Watchtower
I Shot the Sheriff / Crossroads Jam

Dave Cawthon – lead guitar, vocals (on these tracks, rhythm otherwise)
Tim Porterfield – rhythm guitar (on these tracks, lead otherwise)
Eric R. – bass
Chris D. – drums
Julie H. – vocal (track 1)

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  1. ken accardi
    February 18th, 2010 at 15:23 | #1

    I believe Dave picked up his first guitar at 15 around there. 1985 he had been playing 3 years, I love the All Along the Watch Tower, it’s raw and unpolished but you can hear the talent in the solos. You’ve done a good job so far with this site Kyle. Some days for no reason I will just have tears roll down my face when I think of him. Keep ripping Dave or otherwise R.I.P. We miss you.