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Berklee Ensemble Room Sessions approx. 1988-’90

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The basic premise was that we simply felt like jamming together from time to time. It became more of a regular thing to the point where we began to learn some tunes and considered playing out live – never happened. All tunes were recorded “live” in our ensemble room by placing two microphones in opposite corners of the room.


Don’t Want You No More – Allman Brothers.mp3
You Know What I Mean – Jeff Beck.mp3
Constipated Duck – Jeff Beck.mp3
Blues – Jerry Garcia and Merle Saunders.mp3
In Memory Of Elisabeth Reed – Allman Brothers.mp3
Un-named Original – Dave Cawthon.mp3

Dave Cawthon – Lead / Rythm guitars
Colin McCaffrey – Lead / Rythm Guitars
Ken Lubinsky – Drums
Dave Evans – Bass

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