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H – Winter ’95 – ’96 Vol. I

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From Dave’s Collection of H cassette tapes.  A little of everything.

Jef adds: We used the material from this tape as a demo.  A1-4 was side one of the demo and A5-8, B1-2 was side two.  We used that tape with one of two photos, either the “H Promo Photo” or the “H Portrait” depending on the presentation needs, and would have the tape rewound to the appropriate side.  These were recorded at the Box Factory rehearsal space in Dorcestor and have a lot of overdubbing.

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A01 Sending It Off
A02 Tutankhamen
A03 Pond
A04 Eastern Dudes
A05 Maurice
A06 Arena (Bo Jackson)
A07 D Major
B01 Planarian
B02 2001 (A Space Odyssey)
B03 Feldman
B04 Aqueduct
B05 Skull
B06 Stupid Is As Stupid Does
B07 Lil’ Hopping Men
B08 Kevin
B09 Yass-Waddah

Dave Cawthon – guitar
Jef Charland – bass
Glenn Ziemba – drums

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