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Guitar Club For Men – Workshop Demos

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Jef writes in: This cassette is actually the demo for a short lived band called Guitar Club For Men (photo).  This music was recorded at the Box Factory with Dave’s 4 track (I think).  A lot of the compositions are by Dave and me, and I remember writing them the night before we recorded them.  I would go to my room and Dave would stay in the living room and the idea was to come with ideas quickly, so we gave ourselves 15 or 20 minutes to write a part of a tune, then we put them together and then we did it again.  I can’t remember the name of Nick’s tune, so for now it’s called “Nick’s Tune”. I don’t know where the tape cover come from.  I think it’s Alexander Calder, but am not sure, and had less idea at the time.

play all

01 Marty
02 (It’s) Nick’s Pick
03 (At) Connor’s Corner
04 Mama Cat
05 Nick’s Tune
06 Marty (alt)

Dave Cawthon – guitar
Jef Charland – guitar
Nick Cudahy – bass
Mike Connors – drums

(credits: 1,6 – Charland/Cawthon;
2 – Cawthon/Charland; 3 – Cawthon/Charland;
4 – Cawthon/Charland; 5 – Cudhay)

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