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H – Box Factory Tape [14]

March 16th, 2010 No comments
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Don’t Take Your Time

March 16th, 2010 No comments

Original rock tunes transferred from 4 track cassette.  Gary made up the name for track 2 (Fatwa), but it’s as good as any.

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A01 Don’t Take Your Time (instrumental)
A02 Fatwa
A03 Don’t Take Your Time
A04 Got No Sense Of Aging
A05 DC Slide – The Lines
A06 The Lines
A07 It’s Not Right
A08 Couldn’t Be Any Worse

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Tape 1

February 17th, 2010 No comments
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Live at Mike’s

February 12th, 2010 No comments

From Dave’s Collection of cassette tapes.  The entree to ‘Workshop Demos’ soup course.  Try the duck breast in a bing cherry reduction w/sweet potato hash browns.

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01 All Of You
02 Track 2
03 Track 3
04 Track 4
05 Track 5
06 Track 6
07 Track 7
08 Track 8

Dave Cawthon – guitar
Jef Charland – bass
Mike Connors – drums

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Guitar Club For Men – Workshop Demos

February 11th, 2010 No comments

Jef writes in: This cassette is actually the demo for a short lived band called Guitar Club For Men (photo).  This music was recorded at the Box Factory with Dave’s 4 track (I think).  A lot of the compositions are by Dave and me, and I remember writing them the night before we recorded them.  I would go to my room and Dave would stay in the living room and the idea was to come with ideas quickly, so we gave ourselves 15 or 20 minutes to write a part of a tune, then we put them together and then we did it again.  I can’t remember the name of Nick’s tune, so for now it’s called “Nick’s Tune”. I don’t know where the tape cover come from.  I think it’s Alexander Calder, but am not sure, and had less idea at the time.

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01 Marty
02 (It’s) Nick’s Pick
03 (At) Connor’s Corner
04 Mama Cat
05 Nick’s Tune
06 Marty (alt)

Dave Cawthon – guitar
Jef Charland – guitar
Nick Cudahy – bass
Mike Connors – drums

(credits: 1,6 – Charland/Cawthon;
2 – Cawthon/Charland; 3 – Cawthon/Charland;
4 – Cawthon/Charland; 5 – Cudhay)

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H – Winter ’95 – ’96 Vol. I

February 11th, 2010 No comments

From Dave’s Collection of H cassette tapes.  A little of everything.

Jef adds: We used the material from this tape as a demo.  A1-4 was side one of the demo and A5-8, B1-2 was side two.  We used that tape with one of two photos, either the “H Promo Photo” or the “H Portrait” depending on the presentation needs, and would have the tape rewound to the appropriate side.  These were recorded at the Box Factory rehearsal space in Dorcestor and have a lot of overdubbing.

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A01 Sending It Off
A02 Tutankhamen
A03 Pond
A04 Eastern Dudes
A05 Maurice
A06 Arena (Bo Jackson)
A07 D Major
B01 Planarian
B02 2001 (A Space Odyssey)
B03 Feldman
B04 Aqueduct
B05 Skull
B06 Stupid Is As Stupid Does
B07 Lil’ Hopping Men
B08 Kevin
B09 Yass-Waddah

Dave Cawthon – guitar
Jef Charland – bass
Glenn Ziemba – drums

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Digital H – Vibes Sessions with Mike Connors

February 10th, 2010 No comments

Dave made the ‘Digital H’ tape for me and included TOC and Let’s Clap (see the line drawn on the case – I think those tracks were not from the vibes session).

Jef adds:  This was recorded in Dorcestor with Dave’s reel 4 track.  It was a one off session and we never played in this configuration again.  As usual the songs were written the night before.  The last two tracks are just Dave and Glenn, and I’m guessing it’s Dave on trumpet and Glenn on alto sax, and possibly both on flutes.   Missing from this tape is RX54 by GZ.

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A01 Comments
A03 Let’s Clap
A04 Tony The Tiger
A05 Pluto I
A06 Pluto II
A07 Tacos el Charro
A08 Creepin’ I
A09 Creepin’ II
A10 Pocket Change I
A11 Pocket Change II
A12 Unitarian Hymn I
A13 Unitarian Hymn II
B01 Red Spot (Mike’s tune)
B02 Flutes n’ Stuff
B03 Drum Stuff

Dave Cawthon – guitar, trumpet, flute
Jef Charland – bass
Glenn Ziemba – drums, alto sax, flute
Mike Connors – vibes

Tony The Tiger, Pluto, Tacos El Charro (Out For Lunch) – JC
Creepin’, Pocket Change, Unitarian Hymn – DC
Peckin’ At The Red Spot – MC

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H – Winter ‘95 – ‘96 Vol. II (aka Sdadety)

February 5th, 2010 No comments

Jef writes: Sdadety is one of the “winter 95/96″ tapes [Vol. II].  The cover and title were made by Glenn and is a one of a kind.  Recorded at the box factory.  There are still a few other selections from the winter tapes that aren’t on here or the acoustic/electric (Maurice) demo.

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01 Improv I
02 Improv II
03 Improv III
04 Evansville
05 Sco
06 Latin Medley
07 Rat Traps+Ressional
08 Wagdhas
09 Tut
10 Revolutionary War Memoirs
11 soundcheck
12 Kevin
13 Skipjack
14 Hopscotch
15 The Hamptons pt.1
16 Little Hopping Men
17 Yass Waddah

Dave Cawthon – guitar
Jef Charland – bass
Glenn Ziemba – drums

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H – Shrimp

February 4th, 2010 No comments

Jef writes: This is actually our first “released”/demo called Shrimp. Recorded on 4-22-94 at ‘The Hole’ rehearsal space, Jamaica Plain, MA
1/4″ reel to reel.

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01 Hell On Wheels (Cawthon)
02 The Dog (Ziemba)
03 Shrimp (H)
04 The Six Panels (Ziemba)
05 H (theme)
06 Full Court Press (Cawthon)
07 Redneck Riviera (Cawthon)
08 Truk (Charland)
09 Mice, Don’t Slow Me Down (Ziemba)

Dave Cawthon – guitar, lap steel
Jef Charland – electric bass
Glenn Ziemba – drums, percussion, electric thumb piano

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Passages – Shultz Park, Simsbury CT 1985

January 22nd, 2010 1 comment

Eric R., came back from college and wanted to play over the summer for parties, and asked if I wanted to put the Generics back together (Eric, myself, Chris Iriarte) for gigs. Chris was off to Europe that summer, so we nixed that. Eric then called up Brian W. and Julie H. to see if
they’d want to jam, and I invited Dave to see if he wanted to participate.  We ended up doing two shows over that summer at Schultz park – we would rehearse over at Eric’s basement.

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Driven to Tears
All Along the Watchtower
I Shot the Sheriff / Crossroads Jam

Dave Cawthon – lead guitar, vocals (on these tracks, rhythm otherwise)
Tim Porterfield – rhythm guitar (on these tracks, lead otherwise)
Eric R. – bass
Chris D. – drums
Julie H. – vocal (track 1)

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