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With Joe, Diane & Jason

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Originals Mike & Jason

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Jason Brubaker explains: #1 thru #7 were probably recorded at the same time–I’m thinking the winter of ’86–when Dave was on break from his first year at Berklee. Mike and I were still in HS at the time.

#1 This was totally based on the opening drum beat…from a Hendrix tune that I am blanking on right now. I used to warm up with it. When I played it the first time, Dave immediately started playing to it and it developed into this. I think Mike came up with the opening key riff. All of our stuff was very free form…we basically just let it fly.

#2 thru #5 are the same song with #5 being the most “complete” of the batch. I am so happy you found this one as I feel that this is some of Dave’s best playing. It’s also the closest to a complete “song” that we ever recorded. I’m pretty sure Mike came up with the chords and minor arrangement and Dave was off and running. It’s very Hendrix–Band Of Gypsy’s type stuff. Love the solo on this one. In my opinion this really gives a good taste of what Dave was all about with respect to playing straight rock.

#6 and #7 are the same song–this was a Dave original. I really like this. Dark, yet bright and free. Very cool.

#8 This sounds like it is from the “shawdow jam” sessions, which were recorded in Pete Jesick’s basement. Probably the summer of ’86. Dave used to turn all the lights off…and see what we could come up with without having the benefit of our vision. I also remember there was quite a bit of experimenting going on that did not involve music that night–you can hear that in the music as well. This was called “shadow jam”.

The thing that strikes me the most about listening to all of these recordings now is how generous Dave was. I mean, he had all kinds of other drummers in town (Ken Lubinsky, Chris Irarte) or elsewhere that that were so much better at the drums than I was at the time. Ultimately though, I feel very fortunate to have had the playing time I had with him.

[The thing that strikes me is that this kicks f*ing ass! -ka]

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01 track 1
02 track 2
03 track 3
04 track 4
05 track 5
06 track 6
07 track 7
08 track 8

Dave Cawthon – guitar
Mike McConnell – keys
Jason Brubaker – drums

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Simsbury High School Talent Show 1985 (Simsbury, CT)

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In our senior year of high school we played at the talent show in a band we named UNFINISHED BUSINESS – which did win the best band category. Dave actually played in 2 bands for the talent show but I don’t have the recording from the other band. As I recall there was a bit of a “disagreement” when Dave’s second band got shut down in the middle of their set for going too far over their time limit…

You can hear Greg Anderson shouting “Bootlegger” from the audience just before the band starts… And that was Chris Dreyden announcing us.

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Summer 1985

1 I Shot the Sheriff
Dave Cawthon – Lead Guitar & Vocals
Charles Umpleby – Bass
Ken Lubinsky – Drums
Paul Edgar – Rythm Guitar
Laura Watras – Keyboards

2 Crossroads
Dave Cawthon – Lead Guitar (solo #2) & Vocals
Charles Umpleby – Bass
Ken Lubinsky – Drums
Paul Edgar – Rythm/Lead Guitar (solo #1)
Laura Watras – Keyboards

3 Satisfaction Guaranteed
Dave Cawthon – Lead Guitar
Charles Umpleby – Bass
Ken Lubinsky – Drums & Vocals
Paul Edgar – Rythm Guitar
Laura Watras – Keyboards

4 Stonefree Again
Dave Cawthon – Guitar & Vocals
Charles Umpleby – Bass
Ken Lubinsky – Drums
Paul Edgar – Cowbell
Laura Watras – Tambourine
Chris Iriarte – Timbales (he was in the other band and decided he wanted to jam with us so he came out on stage)

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