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Ken’s Apartment

January 21st, 2010 No comments

Both tunes were written by Dave. He came over one afternoon (maybe ’93 or ’94) and asked me to help him record these tunes. I did not offer any opinion on song form or arrangement as he had a very clear idea of what he wanted to do – just not how to get it all on a 4-track cassette player. To this day I feel like these two songs are some of the best constructed rock songs you’ll ever hear (from arrangement to feel to chord changes) and we tried our best to capture it on limited equipment. Of course, at the time, they were just a couple of songs…

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That’s Alright (remix)

Dave – Guitars & Vocals
Ken – Drum programming / Keyboard Bass / Engineering

Going Down (remix)

Dave – Guitars / Bass / Lead & Backup Vocals
Ken – Drum Programming / Background Vocals / Engineering

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Odds & Ends (covers band) approx. 1992-’93(??)

January 21st, 2010 No comments

Dave was living in Somerville, MA with Jeff. He asked me if I wanted to play drums in his covers band. We played one gig in Hartford, CT at some outdoor patio joint. Overall not terribly successful but I had a good time playing none-the-less. From time to time you may here some digital “skips” in some of these songs due to the crappy computer I used to download these files onto.

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01 Drive My Car
02 King Bee
03 The Apartment Song
04 I Must’ve Done Somebody Wrong
05 Slow Turning
06 Tell Me Darling
07 Don’t Do It
08 Wait Until Tomorrow
09 (You’re Gonna) Think About Me
10 The Shape I’m In
11 Me & My Monkey
12 Drive My Car (live)
13 Let Me Love You
14 The One After Nine O’ Nine
15 Chain Gang

Tracks 1 – 6:
Recorded on a 4-track cassette player
Dave Cawthon – Guitars / Bass / Backup Vocals & Lead Vocals on #4 & #6.
Jenny Jeknavorian – Lead & some backing vocals.
Ken Lubinsky – Drums & Backing Vocals as well as “producing / engineering / mixing”

Tracks 6 – 15:
Recorded “live” to 2-track stereo
Dave Cawthon – Lead/Rythm Guitar / Backup Vocals / Some Lead Vocals
Jenny Jeknavorian – Lead Vocals / Rythm Guitar / Some Backing Vocals
Jeff Charland – Bass
Ken Lubinsky – Drums / Backing Vocals as well as “production”

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Berklee Ensemble Room Sessions approx. 1988-’90

January 21st, 2010 No comments

The basic premise was that we simply felt like jamming together from time to time. It became more of a regular thing to the point where we began to learn some tunes and considered playing out live – never happened. All tunes were recorded “live” in our ensemble room by placing two microphones in opposite corners of the room.


Don’t Want You No More – Allman Brothers.mp3
You Know What I Mean – Jeff Beck.mp3
Constipated Duck – Jeff Beck.mp3
Blues – Jerry Garcia and Merle Saunders.mp3
In Memory Of Elisabeth Reed – Allman Brothers.mp3
Un-named Original – Dave Cawthon.mp3

Dave Cawthon – Lead / Rythm guitars
Colin McCaffrey – Lead / Rythm Guitars
Ken Lubinsky – Drums
Dave Evans – Bass

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Simsbury High School Talent Show 1985 (Simsbury, CT)

January 17th, 2010 No comments

In our senior year of high school we played at the talent show in a band we named UNFINISHED BUSINESS – which did win the best band category. Dave actually played in 2 bands for the talent show but I don’t have the recording from the other band. As I recall there was a bit of a “disagreement” when Dave’s second band got shut down in the middle of their set for going too far over their time limit…

You can hear Greg Anderson shouting “Bootlegger” from the audience just before the band starts… And that was Chris Dreyden announcing us.

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Summer 1985

1 I Shot the Sheriff
Dave Cawthon – Lead Guitar & Vocals
Charles Umpleby – Bass
Ken Lubinsky – Drums
Paul Edgar – Rythm Guitar
Laura Watras – Keyboards

2 Crossroads
Dave Cawthon – Lead Guitar (solo #2) & Vocals
Charles Umpleby – Bass
Ken Lubinsky – Drums
Paul Edgar – Rythm/Lead Guitar (solo #1)
Laura Watras – Keyboards

3 Satisfaction Guaranteed
Dave Cawthon – Lead Guitar
Charles Umpleby – Bass
Ken Lubinsky – Drums & Vocals
Paul Edgar – Rythm Guitar
Laura Watras – Keyboards

4 Stonefree Again
Dave Cawthon – Guitar & Vocals
Charles Umpleby – Bass
Ken Lubinsky – Drums
Paul Edgar – Cowbell
Laura Watras – Tambourine
Chris Iriarte – Timbales (he was in the other band and decided he wanted to jam with us so he came out on stage)

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