Turkey production cancelled for this year

Our last hen bit the dust yesterday morning. Something got her – it was either a coyote that for some reason decided to chow down on her right next to the pond, or it was an owl. There was signs of a massive struggle – I couldn’t tell if there were any owl feathers since our hen had black feathers too. Patches of feathers all over the yard. Dead body floating on the bank of the pond. Poor Tom spent the day calling for her. His days are probably numbered as well. I could buy more at the hatchery, but it seems silly. While there’s not much we can do against the owl, I could at least wait till I’ve got a better fence around the property before sacrificing more turkeys.

In brighter news, we are done painting the ceiling and walls in the upstairs of the shop, and get to move on to installing the laminate flooring. Then it’s just trim and final electric and we are ready to move our stuff up there. We are going to move the offices first, then use the rest of the room as storage for our furniture during our impending remodel

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