What is a Plumbers Conference?

After spending a few days manning the Plumbers booth at OSCON, I thought I’d post the answer to the question that everyone seemed to want to know – What is a Linux Plumbers Conference? We came up with the word “Plumbing” to describe the low level infrastructure of a Linux System. This includes the Kernel, desktop infrastructure like X and graphics libraries, system utilities like udev and hal, as well as essential libraries like glibc and friends. These components interface with each other at times – some better than others. We hope to provide a forum for people from these types of projects to get together and try to solve problems that are system wide or cross multiple project boundaries.

In addition to the topics to be discussed in the microconfs and the general talks (see http://linuxplumbersconf.org/program/schedule/), we will have “unconference” style talks. We have several smaller rooms available for people to get together and work out specifics, talk about something they didn’t get on the schedule, or have a group hug. These rooms can be reserved at the start of the conference.

August 18th the registration fee for Plumbers will increase to $300. If you haven’t already registered, what are you waiting for?

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