Things you should not do when running a professional conference

#4 – list strippers or prostitutes as reasons to attend next year

2 thoughts on “Things you should not do when running a professional conference

  1. Hey. Did this actually appear on the site, and does it still? I’m kind of shocked by it. The closest questionable things I can find right now is, in their Q&A,

    “Q. What is the legal drinking age in Canada?
    A. In Ontario (the provice that Ottawa is in) the legal drinking age is 19. In Quebec (located across the bridge) the legal drinking age is 18.”

    And the fact that it’s held in Ottawa (!). As a Canadian, I can say mean things about our federal capital 🙂

  2. Hi! No, it was in the closing presentation at the conference. Ok – he didn’t say strippers or prostitutes, he said “Ambassadors”. I know what he meant, and so did everyone else.

    * Note, I was not at the conference – I was told this by someone who was and who was equally outraged. I thought I should draw attention to it, since a quick google showed me that nobody seemed to think twice about this enough to blog about it. My theory is that people are just idiots, and don’t realize how incredibly wrong this was.

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