Rufus' (& his people's) Home Page

New, Really!

Since Rufus wasn't doing such a good job keeping his dog-centric website up to date, we're taking over. Sorry bud.
Our old Remodeling Scrapbook is still available for comsumption. Our best work so far, save the baby.

It's all about fun and pictures...and sweat and money...and blood and beer, but mostly fun and pictures. To that end,
we humbly present an ever-fresh steaming pile o'pics

Introducing our new blog, Remodel Wonderland. Follow our zany adventures while we add 1,300 sq. ft. to the house.

Also featuring The Collected Music of Dave Cawthon & Friends.
Dave's a good friend who's not here anymore but made music to listen to, give it a shot.