Floor Joists & Roto Rooter

Yesterday’s rain finally took a break (after 1-1/2″) and the framers got most of the floor joists in. Enough for plumbers to start tomorrow.

The failing waste line couldn’t wait a few more weeks until it was decommissioned and required another visit from Roto Rooter, didn’t need that $250 anyway. He was done soon enough but then proceeded to get stuck in the muddy driveway for the next 20 minutes. Luckily the tractor was up to the job and freed him twice until he got all four bald tires on dry gravel. I probably should drive up the road to see if he’s not stuck in the ditch somewhere.

Once again, baby slept through all sorts of noise, but I still work around her nap time which does slow down progress quite a bit.

Itching for demo

Going to get all Gorbachev and tear down a wall tomorrow, wish I’d ordered a dumpster for the occasion. If you are curious, and you are aren’t you, look to the Existing Floor Plan in one of Kristen’s previous posts. In the room labeled ‘Office’ the west wall is going away and a new one will be created to divide that space into two new ones–a bathroom and a laundry.

Meh, concrete

Just another day at the office filling in forms. 12 yards of concrete ordered, poured and was exactly enough, yea Roy! Too bad the second truck was over 2 hours late.  Kristen thought it would be more exciting than it actually was.  I liked it fine.

Filling in forms

Shape of things to come

Through the uneasy wind and melting rain, Roy & Greg persevered and got the forms set enough to pass foundation inspection.  Just a few adjustments until the pour next week.   While standing in the mud with Roy, I said, “All we need is a bunch of naked hippie chicks”.  He agreed, but yet brought none the next day.  I could fire him at any time…

Yet to level center piers

Breaking ground

The day broke cool and early. First emergency was a coffee and doughnut shortage, deftly handled by Kristen’s run into town. Soon the morning air was filled with diesel exhaust–just like the movie sets of yor. There’s dirt that needs moving and we ain’t got not draft horses.

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Mike & Roy diggin' it


Despite the horror stories, Washington County was very friendly and reasonable to deal with, though they really should network their computers in the same building.  Opinions of the inspectors will be noted later.  But now we are happy to finally start tearing stuff up.

The replacement septic system is first on the list and two guys dug and laid the ‘pipe’ today which takes up most of the lower pasture.  Tomorrow they dig out for the new tank which will be delivered the day after that.

Builder stopped by and promised numbers soon.  Still don’t know how far we can get before running out of money, but we trust him–we’ll get kinda far.

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