We’ve been framed!

Interior framing operations completed last Wednesday.  Wish I could say the same for the fire sprinklers.  After three days, the installer decided he couldn’t continue until all our walls in the existing part of the house had been changed to fit the plan.  That is code for ‘I don’t know how to work off a plan and need to see it in real life.’  Said to call him when we were ready, I thought a few months.  That didn’t keep the sprinkler company from invoicing us for 60% of job completed.  Maybe in the mean time, the installer can figure out that you don’t locate a 3″ hole for your head by actually drilling a 3″ hole from below, in the living space.  You might hit a joist, duh and have to move it over a bit.  Worse yet, I loaned him the drill!

Looking from kitchen through to living room.

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