WOEC is us

Spent five hours popping out nails that missed their studs through the sheathing & re-nailing. Didn’t mind, I work cheaper than anyone. And we passed nailing inspection last week, only missed a few places.

Plumbers came by and installed their venting, back tomorrow to work under the floor of the old part. Wanted me to peel back insulation for them, wasn’t too bad either, except for that sun-burned feeling your face gets from playing with fiberglass batts.

Our power company, WOEC, is the big problem on this job. It’s been three months and still no joy. House needs 210A and I want at least 100A for the shop.  They are actively resisting supplying a large enough transformer.  We pay for all hardware and installation costs and, of course, for all the electricity we use.

I was tipped off that they contacted the county inspectors office and asked if they had seen anything ‘funny’ up at our place that would suggest why we would need so much power. If that’s not over the line, it sure is dangling on the edge.

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