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So the windows are installed, not quite to my liking & I made them tweak a few that were not lined up with each other or just plain out of level, depressing.  Still awaiting the fire sprinkler tank, but otherwise good on that front.

HVAC is mostly routed, they didn’t want to drill a 2″ hole through a brick wall and asked me to do it which I did today.  Whatever.  My electrician said I was very laid back.  If you don’t roll with it, you are going to break something.

The roofers returned to fix a leak.  Turned out to be more extensive than first thought.  The back porch roof sheathing is wet from the bottom edge up and up six feet as seen from the attic.  Since it’s the north side, snow melts more slowly and gets through the 15# felt.  That’s the theory anyway.  Never noticed it before with the old roof.  Surely a big pain in the ass for Daniel.  Probably tear-off that portion and lay down snow/ice shield then re-shingle.  But one of them, brought me some home-brewed dopple weiss.

Main thing now is electric.  Apparently, the price of a 250′ roll of 12-2 Romex (wire) was down to $50-something a few months ago.  I didn’t notice that, now is at $81.60.  I notice that since I’m buying 2 rolls every couple days.  Outlet/switch boxes are in, as are most can light fixtures.  New panel installed and doing home runs to that.  Still need to procure a large E-panel (as in ‘Emergency’ that will house the circuits we want covered by the generator.)  With 16 or 18 circuits running off the generator, you can have refrigeration, microwave, hood for the propane cook top, lights everywhere and powered outlets for a space heater in the bedrooms and may never notice when the utility power gets restored.  Perhaps I will turn the sink garbage disposal on when the power fails.  Andy, our electrician, suggested putting a spoon down there for extra notification.

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