Trench Grind

Have been enjoying working with the electrician and the new circuits are nearly complete to the main circuit panel & generator sub-panel.  Trenches have been dug for new electric service and conduit’s laid.  Removed brick and siding to make a home for the new meter main and found some rot, but Roy says not to worry, repairable and he will work around the meter box. Also trenches have been dug to the shop for water, power and low-voltage as well as to the septic tank.

Let me say this about trenches: I’m done.  This is the only part of the project that I dreaded.  Knew it wasn’t going to be easy.  I stepped into one the other night and broke the wine glass I was holding (switched to beer).  Tonight the dog fell in a 3′ deep one we had dug this morning to drain the water out of two others–a stream with loose clay soil, like quick sand it was, up to his belly.  I had to lift him out and he ain’t my brother, he’s heavy.

I’ve been advised to wait until the dirt can dry a little before back-filling.  Given one of the wettest Marchs in Oregon history, it’s going to be a while.  In the mean time, there is no driving up to the house and you need to navigate tree stumps in the turn-around or back up 300′ along a muddy slippery road that wants to toss you in the pond.

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